Restaurant Styled Dining

Restaurant style dining is our way of providing a special and individualized experience for our residents. Dining should be a social event for those who desire it. Our carefully crafted food choices are loved by our residents. We use only the most wholesome ingredients and spices. To ensure that our menu is not only delicious but also healthy we prepare all our meals with a well-balanced diet in mind. We steer clear of the industry practice of only serving premade meals from catering options. Our compassionate and caring Registered Dietitian, Dietary Supervisor, and staff have many years of training to ensure nutrition is delivered with delicious, familiar, comfort foods that our residents enjoy.

Transportation Services

We can arrange transportation services for shopping, short trips, daily activities, and medical appointments. Call the facility to find out about costs and how to contact an on-time shuttle transportation service to and from these activities.

Daily Activities

Group exercise programs, walking, gardening, book clubs, life story exercises, music, art classes, and church services are just a few of the activities that we schedule for our active seniors here at Wheatland Manor & Lincolnway Villa. Our expert support staff understands that daily routines are incredibly important in the lives of our seniors, which is why we spend so much of our time planning and scheduling them. All of the planning provides a quality of life value that our residents are appreciative of. Daily activities are also vital to maintaining a healthy psychological state by improving reasoning abilities, memory, spiritual support, and continued learning.

On-Site Salon

Our on-site salon provides our residents with an extra perk. Residents do not have to travel away from our loving community in order to receive salon treatments. It’s super easy for them to receive all of their salon assistance with our trained staff. This also means that they can go to the salon whenever they would like. Your loved one will receive a variety of onsite beauty salon options, including shampoo, styling, cutting, trimming, and more. Leave it to our professional hairdresser. If you have questions about our on-site salon please contact us.

Fitness & Exercise Equipment

One of the top new year’s resolutions by seniors, across all demographics, is to exercise more. There is also a tremendous amount of research that suggests a tight connection between physical exercise and cognitive health. As we age the more cognitive benefit we derive from physical activity. Aerobics plus strength training is required to support cognitive benefit. This is why we are always evaluating our seniors with exercise and therapy options to ensure that they achieve and maintain their highest functioning level.

Social Activities

Social activity is one of the most effective strategies for remaining healthy and happy in a person’s senior years. The benefits of social activities include improved social skills and cognitive performance. We also notice that our residents are happier and more fulfilled. Their quality of life improves. The connection with peers and groups within our community is one of the most important parts of each day for our seniors. There is also evidence that seniors have a reduced risk of illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Internet Access

Internet use has been shown to improve brain activity in older adults. One of the greatest benefits of our facility is the ability for seniors to communicate with their loved ones. The threat of feelings of depression and isolation are significantly reduced with access to the internet and social media sites like Facebook and Zoom. We regularly photograph our daily activities and post the photos on our Facebook page. We find that this is a fun activity that our residents find exciting, especially when the photos go viral.

Housekeeping & Linen Services

Laundry and housekeeping are two chores that just have to be done. These tasks help our seniors to feel and look their best. It’s important for our seniors to feel independent, safe, and stable. Providing laundry and housekeeping service is a big part of the tasks we provide here at Wheatland Manor and Lincolnway Villa. We offer our seniors regular laundry and housekeeping assistance because hygiene and a healthy home reduce chances for bacterial and viral infections. We support our seniors by sorting, washing, drying, folding, and putting clothes away as well as full house cleaning services.