Wheatland Manor

Resident Centered Care

Insert picture hereResident-Centered Care is our way of taking care of the individual needs and wants of our residents. We understand that everyone is an individual who is accustomed having choices and feeling in control of life.

We strive to give our residents as many choices as possible. We do not have set times for waking or going to sleep. We serve meals family-style and there are choices of entrees, salads, and drinks. Each resident decides how much to eat and if assistance is needed, it is provided. In addition to regular meals, snacks are offered three times each day. Many activities also end with treats.

A wide range of activities are offered and there are religious services, lots of music, outings, games, movies, and even Friday bingo. We celebrate birthdays and anniversaries as well.

Resident council meetings are held once each month, where concerns and wants can be addressed to each department head. Residents can plan menus for special meals for holidays and other occasions. The idea is to make life the best it can be for each resident. We also have a Make A Wish program in place.

We have made a commitment to provide choices and to help every resident maintain as much independence as possible.

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